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The Confused Sexuality of the Alt-Right

Today I want to talk about the hypocrisy of how the alt-right and modern nationalist males view nudity, the human body, and more specifically the female form. I feel this is a good addition to the previous article featured here, written by my brother in arms Erfwachter.

I myself, as a female, am often faced with the glaring stupidity of a lot of males in the alt-right, nationalist or traditionalist movements. These brainless thugs spend their days working out their muscles at the gym, posting progress shots of their bodies on their social media accounts, masturbating to internet pornography, discussing with their friends how they practice their ‘game’ and sexual skills on ‘thots’ and then having the audacity to turn around and claim they want to find a girl who is modest and doesn’t show any skin (on social media or elsewhere). Maybe if they spent an equal amount of time exercising their intellects as they do their biceps, they would be able to see the brazen hypocrisy of their sanctimonious drivel.

Let’s take a moment to look back at nudity throughout history. Many of these weightlifting thugs love to profess themselves as “Viking” or “Pagan” but how did ancient Anglo-Scandinavians view the naked body? Well, there is no reason to believe that they were habitually nude, though the fact that the Norse had weekly fully immersive baths indicates that nudity did not have the same status in that time as nudity does today. In fact, going by later graphics of mixed-gender communal bathing, even the nudity of the opposite gender was acceptable (as long as the hair on top of the head is covered) and could feature clothed attendants helping the bathers. Funnily enough, some of the only written evidence of conventions in clothing was directed at men: A reason found for divorce in the sagas was what we might term “cross-dressing.” If a husband wore effeminate clothing, especially low-necked shirts exposing his chest, his wife could then divorce him. So maybe those V-necks and wife-beater shirts to show off your muscles aren’t the best choice then, hmm?

What about ancient Greece, another period of history much glorified by these gym-going quasi-nationalists? The Greeks seem to have had an aversion to clothing of any sort seeing it as unnecessary or simply annoying. The Athenian gentleman spent a good part of his life in the Gymnasia: clubhouses comprising exercise rooms, baths and lecture/discussion halls where philosophers, poets and rhetoricians might hold forth. The word Gymnasia is derived from Gynos, meaning naked. Certainly no clothing was worn during the many hours of athletic exercise regarded by the philosophers as necessary to the health of body and soul. While Athens was a largely multicultural city, influenced by many foreign traders and therefore causing Athenians to be more reserved about mixed-gender nudity, Spartans had no such reservations and men and women trained together naked. Athletes from Sparta are given historical credit for being the first to discard clothing while in training for competition. It’s possible this occurred as early as the seventh century B.C. Since these pioneering athletes won an abnormally high proportion of the prizes, because their bodies were not restricted by clothing, other Greek athletes began to emulate the nudity of the Spartans. Thereafter, nudity was an integral part of the Olympic tradition until 393 A.D., when Roman Emperor Theodosium, Christian ruler of Greece, banned the Olympic Games because he considered them to be pagan ceremonies.

Edgar Degas, “Jeunes Filles spartiates.

In fact, the very idea that nudity of either men or women was shameful is something that was introduced by the Abrahamic religions. The Hebrew Bible records: “So shall the king of the Assyrians lead away the prisoners of Egypt, and the captivity of Ethiopia, young and old, naked and barefoot, with their buttocks uncovered to the shame of Egypt”. So Judeo-Christianity, what is widely accepted as being responsible for the systematic abolition of Anglo, Scandinavian, Slavic and Germanic paganism, is in fact responsible for equating nudity and sexuality with shame.

It is hard to think of classical art without imagining a beautiful nude siren with flowing main and pert breasts. In the 19th century, female nudity is often used for symbolic or allegorical means.  For example Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People”, her partial nudity lets the educated viewer know the she stands for a greater ideal. Sometimes, 19th century artists just wanted to paint sexy, nude females without a deeper meaning and used mythological themes to make it seem more intellectual.

Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” and Bouguereau’s “The Birth of Venus”

What about National Socialist Germany? I hear you ask. Well let’s refer to best-selling book at the time, Hans Surén’s “Mensch und Sonne,” a collection of nude photographs that includes lyrical praise of the genitalia as well as instructions for yoga-like exercises. The SS magazine “Das Schwarze Korps” advertised for Surén’s book, even giving it an entire page in one issue. In it they say: “We want a strong and joyful affirmation of body awareness, because we need it to build a strong and self-confident race.” Nudity was seen partly as a means of encouraging the “health of the race.” And if that also happened to serve the voyeuristic desires of readers, all the better, how else are you to procure the security of your race if not through sex? Sexuality, just like the muscles of the body, was viewed as something that needed to be exercised and kept healthy for a fertile and happy nation.

Excerpts from Hans Surén’s “Mensch und Sonne”

I urge the nationalist men of today not to see fertility and sexuality as separate things, one cannot go without the other after all. Instead of shamefully masturbating to peroxide blonde porn-stars with acrylic nails, simulating lesbian sex with over-the-top moaning, in private and then seeking a prude woman to enter a relationship with, find yourself a woman who is healthy and happy in her own body to marry and enjoy sex together. Be proud to show her off, knowing that she has chosen to be with you. Be secure enough in your relationship to know that even if other men look at her, at the end of the day it is you that she is giving herself to and she will one day bear your child. Let them look and be jealous of what you have, otherwise you may as well give in to our Muslim invaders and stone women to death for showing their ankles.

3 thoughts on “The Confused Sexuality of the Alt-Right

  1. This article takes it up with the whole White Sharia-meme which has taken over the internet and Nationalist organisations by storm.

    What this article is trying to explain is that our forebears viewed nudity and their sexuality as something nearly God-like. It is because of the influence of the Church and Christianity that shame is now playing huge parts of our lives.

    Although i don’t think that sexual revolution around the sixties was necessarily a good thing, i do think that repressing your sexuality and not being able to express yourself sexually can result in sexual deviant behaviour, take the Catholic church for example, most priests became abstinent which resulted in one of the greatest child-sex-scandals ever. The same can be said about the muslims, they (try to) shield of their women from the public eye and make them wear burqas to cover theirselves up, which (for ages) resulted in rampant homosexuality and pedosexuality (i.e.: look up the Köçek of the Ottoman Empire), just like the later days in ancient Greece which the article is referring to.

    Most germanic and nordic tribes included their women in daily activities and didn’t shy away from showing them off, this was often done to boost morale and show status.

    Long story short. I think this is a great article pointing out (painful) truths about the hypocrisy of a lot of Nationalist groups nowadays who view women as an object or a machine to make babies and obey orders.

  2. I think you largely confuse the Alt-lite for the Alt-Right itself; the former was of course spawned by the latter, but at this point in time they are largely two separate factions. Please do not mistake the Realityofkings-ish crowd for the actual Alt-Right, which is naturally an umbrella term for a variety of ideological groupings, but they all either denounce the Alt-lite or ignore it.

  3. Good job pointing out the equalisation of shame and nudity through the semitic southern religion. In contrasting it with the passages about the view of the subject in periods where there was no Hebrew influence, one can find the true tradition of our forefathers! Again it confirms that the stem from which current cultural problems concerning sexuality have grown, is that alien southern spirituality.

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