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Like all the material objects our ancestors made, everything we make must not only be of high quality, but it must also reflect the metaphysical truths of the Kosmos in which our ancestors lived. These truths are expressed via symbols or signs endowed with spiritual and temporal power.

The three ‘Opfer’ runes in this patch represent many things: they originally symbolized the fallen German soldiers of the first world war, but to us they are a remembrance of all those who fell fighting for their fatherland in a spirit of camaraderie and Bruderschaft. Because the runes are placed above each other horizontally, they also represent the three worlds or planes that man passes through in his lifetime. The lowest plane, and the lowest rune represents the dark, humid plane of the tomb and the grave, where man goes when he dies. After man is judged by the quality of his deeds, he ascends to the middle plane ( middle rune ) or Midgard, the plane between the planes, waiting to be reborn in the kin. The highest plane ( the highest rune ) represents man reborn in the kin ( his bloodline ), where he lives his life, dies, and then returns to the lowest plane to be judged on the quality of his deeds, and if he is judged to be noble, reborn again. Thirdly, the three runes also represent the three faculties of the human being: the rational part, the instinctual part and the Self or the divine mind, with the divine Mind being the highest rune and the instincts the lowest. Although these three faculties are all part of the soul, it is necessary for the Mind to win over the other parts, lest man be pulled towards the mere satisfaction of pleasures ( instinct ), or the empty rationalizations of science and the intellectuals ( ratio ).

Through the three Opfer runes is inscribed the symbol of the sword, representing war and the struggle against others, but also against oneself and the world. Many of us have lost friends of family due to our struggle against the present system, and such sacrifices echo throughout the three human faculties, causing suffering and pain. However, the sword also reminds us that the fight is never over, and that there are more sacrifices to be made and more obstacles to be taken. The sword itself points downwards towards the earth, representing the fight of the divine Mind against the lower faculties of the human being and their inclinations towards degeneration and empty rationalization.

To us, even the shape of this patch itself holds a sacral meaning. It is namely the shape of the Ing rune, which means “hero” but also “offspring”. The Ing rune references the fallen soldiers already remembered by the three Opfer runes, and immortalizes their sacrifice as the sacrifice of heroes. Because we know that the heroes of the future are born from the flesh, the blood and the soil of the heroes of the past, the Ing rune’s second meaning, that of offspring, becomes relevant. If we do not live to see another day, then let our children and our children’s children live to see that day.

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