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Nordfront defends Swedish youth from exploiters

Recently Nordfront has once again proven that they are the Swedish people’s only hope against the parasitical culture distorters that are exploiting and undermining the society and the education system of the Swedish state.

After Swedish children in the town of Ludvika had been bullied, threatened and beaten by local Semites and other assorted Middle-eastern scum, the large-nosed principals of the children’s school had decided not to report the incidents and instead blame the actions of violent and rabid Arabic beastmen on the innocent Swedish boys and girls. The incident immediately triggered a reaction from our Swedish brothers and sisters, who rose up in demonstration to defend their kin against those that presumed they had the country in their grasp.

Within no time, Nordfront members had arrived at the school, and after having a violent stare-down with a Jewish teacher who was disturbed from her coffee break they tried to speak with the principal who had attempted to silence the information about the incidents with the violent Arabs. The principal however proved to be a slimy and fat piece of boomer trash that happened to care more for foreigners than his own Volk. As usual, this traitor refused to talk to the Nordfront members and hear their arguments, instead trying to make the Swedish children that had been talking to the Nordfront members move back into the school. However, the children steadily refused and once again reminded the fat traitor that his multicultural propaganda had no effect on the youngest bearers of Sweden’s legacy. Eventually, he waddled back to the school building, knowing that the youngest generations were no longer in his grasp and that they would eventually remove such pieces of human refuse like him from the future Swedish state.

What the above-mentioned proves is that the multicultural hydra is slowly losing its grip on Swedish society, and mostly due to the actions of the brave men and women of the Nordic Resistance Movement. These men and women are not just fighting for a better future, they are fighting for a revival of a broken and disheartened people, as should every organization that is truly in touch with the Volk. Action must be taken to the streets and hearts and minds must be won by grappling with the opponent in the activities and happenings of our daily lives. We win by proposing the right and true way of living and by supporting the people when they are haunted by the agents of the government, the liars in our education system, or when they are simply in need of food or clothes. We are Volkisch at heart and we will never betray the Volk.

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future”
Adolf Hitler

Hail Nordfront! Hell Seger!

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