Our manifesto

Sus Scrofa is the scientific name for the wild boar. We chose to use this reference in our name because the wild boar symbolically stands for courage, defence, protection, preservation, and truth.

Boars killing a snakeThe boar signals the need to nurture, protect, love and care for that which is precious to us. This may be our heritage or offspring. It could even be a project or our home. Female boars will fight to the death to protect what is theirs. Many indigenous cultures adopted the boar as a symbol of war.

The boar  also is a symbol of needing to isolate oneself from the rest of the world for a time. It may also infer a need to withdraw from social activities in an effort to get in touch with oneself and form your own opinion.

This is the symbology of the Wild Boar. An excellent reminder that sometimes we just got to get down, get dirty and fight for what you believe in.

In history:
In the martial culture of Anglo-Saxon England the boar was often seen mounted on the rims of helmets. It represented loyalty, bravery in battle and the desire to protect the young from dangers posed by enemies of the tribe or kingdom. The boar as an animal was associated with the Wanir gods Freyja and Ingui-Frea. Ingui-Frea was not only the god of royalty and regality, he was also the literal ancestor of the entire race that inhabited the North Sea coast and later also the south and the middle of England. He is the divine ruler of the peoples of the North Sea, bringing fertility for the crops of the land and royal power to lead the tribe. He is thus a symbol for both creation and protection, but also order and stability, exactly what our people need in this age of decay and iron.

We will elaborate on our manifest soon…