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Lunar Shell Game

In the Fascist Worldview of absolute Truth
We place our faith in those of character, ability, and will
Unlike the inferior materialists of today,
Who vote for a politician, a prostitute, a shill!

Painfully unaware that they’re all the same
Politicians are for the self,
The System, Money and Fame

They take to the stage telling us what is best,
For our people and for our nation
While behind the curtain
They molest our children for pleasure and elation!

They propose and pass legislations,
That result in the rape of our women, children and land
By the hands of arrogant foreigners,
And fanatics of the sand

Elections are a game most rigged,
To prevent we champions of Truth from coming to power
Because a lack of sun and water,
Leads to the death of a beautiful flower

Democracy of the Modern world,
Defies nature, spirit and Truth
It cultivates senseless guilt, weakness and decadence
In the elderly, the middle-aged and the youth

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