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New visual ammunition, website changes and other news

Hail to our followers and visitors,

This is our first (major) update since our launch on 14/10/2017. Through this news article we’d like to give our followers and visitors an update on our recent developments.

Although it might have been a bit quiet on our website and social media platforms for some time, we’ve been quite busy with reforming the backoffice functionalities of our webshop and making some slight overall changes to the visuals of our website.

As some visitors probably already noticed we’ve added a ‘wishlist’-functionality to our product pages, this functionality lets you add products you like to your wishlist. You don’t need to have an personal account on our website for this to work, although we do advice to set up one anyway, because your wishlist will disappear after deleting your browser history and cookies.

You’ll find your wishlist via: “My account > Wishlist

Visual changes:
Some colours we used in our early launch didn’t really correspond with the overall design of the website, so we’ve recently made a few changes to make your browsing experience more worthwhile. A big bulk of motivational quotes was added to our header as well.

Social media:
Most of you probably know us from one or more of our social media profiles, at the moment we are active on these platforms (feel free to follow us):

  1. Facebook
  2. VKontakte
  3. Tumblr
  4. Instagram
  5. Mixcloud

We we’re planning on adding videos to VidMe as well. We already had an account set up, but as of December 15th they will be shutting down their website. Because of this we’ve removed that reference from our social media buttons. – We will be sending out an update if we will set up a new account on a different platform.

New visual ammunition:
Lastly we’d like to present to you 4 new shirt designs which we’ve added to our webshop (see top image). To celebrate these new arrivals we are giving out coupon codes for 10% off your next order for the first 5 customers, so be quick! Use couponcode: DECEMBER2017 with your order to make use of this deal.

Follow these links to view/buy our new additions:
March atop the Fallen
Irmunsul (Mighty Pillar)
Servants of the Truth
Widar – Avenging Son

— Strength & Honour | 19/8

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