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Fascist critique of the Alt-Right: Women

Brothers and sisters, my comrades in struggle. In this article, which will be the first of a series of many articles, each dealing with a different topic, we will criticize the so-called alt-right movement from a fascist perspective. With “fascist perspective” I mean the perspective of myself, a fascist since two-and-a-half years and also a long time “member” of the alt-right community, which I have recently “left” although I was never a part of it in later consideration. As a principled fascist I could not stand the attitude of the movement itself, and its lack of any worthwhile action or struggle against the system and its lackeys. But these are topics for other articles. Instead, this first article will deal with perhaps the topic of most importance to any political movement that wishes to live beyond the years of its youngest members, which is women.

Let us first consider what the proper fascist view of a woman and her sexuality is. We fascists are not conservatives, who view women in a very romantic distorted light, nor are we radical Muslims, who view women as war booty and we are above all not feminists, who view women as something that is equal to or even superior to man. No, woman is something complementary to man, not equal but important in her own way. The fascist view of woman is defined by our view of society as a whole, with its smallest nucleus being the nuclear family, and not the individual. Thus, it would be logical to say that the fascist woman is an essential and crucial part of this nuclear family, and that she fulfills that role by being a mother and a housekeeper. This does not restrict women from having jobs or going to school, on the contrary. It is good that women teach our girls for example, and it is even better if they dedicate their lives to the pursuit of arts or poetry, however we must keep in mind that the family comes before the individual. A woman may pursue her own courses in sports and music or arts, but only if she will properly raise and nurture a family of her own.

“Fascism rests upon teamwork, the ability to work together”Oswald Mosley

When it comes to a woman’s sexual development and marriage we refer the reader to the marriage policies of Germany under the rule of the national socialist party. The national socialists were not as “repressive” as the Christians of their day, letting boys and girls from the youth organizations frequently play together or do sports together. At Nuremberg for example, the Bund Deutscher Mädel and the Hitlerjugend often were mixed, resulting in many teen pregnancies among the German girls. Having sex before marriage was also not as frowned upon in the Germany of Hitler’s days provided that the boy would stick with the girl he had had sexual contact with or even fathered a child with. This view of sex and marriage as propagated by the NSDAP was the same as the old Indo-European view of extramarital relations: if the man and the woman had sexual contact before they were bonded in marriage the man had the obligation to marry the woman, otherwise he would not only dishonor himself out of lack of duty, but also the girl, who was now seen by society as a woman of light sexual morals.

Tacitus discusses the role of women in Chapters 7 and 8 of his book “Germania”, mentioning that they often accompany the men to battle and offer encouragement. He writes that the men are often highly motivated to fight for the women because of an extreme fear of losing them to captivity. Tacitus writes in chapter 18 that the Germans are mainly content with one wife, except for a few political marriages, and specifically and explicitly compares this practice favorably to other barbarian cultures, perhaps since monogamy was a shared value between Roman and Germanic cultures. In chapter 19 he also records that adultery is very rare, and that an adulterous woman is shunned afterward by the community regardless of her beauty. ― Tacitus, Germania, on the Woman in Germanic society, a view largely adopted by the NSDAP party.

Now, let us take a look at the model of the Indo-European woman that is currently being developed by the alt-right. As a movement that “focuses on traditionalism and traditional family relationships” one would expect the alt-right to promote relationships between one man and one woman for the purpose of procuring children. This is indeed what he alt-right claims to do, if we have to believe the propaganda of many of its “intellectuals”. However, when we dive deeper into the movement we find traces of deep resentment of women and even the promotion of polygamy.

I will briefly explain the “mindset” of the manosphere movement and after that I will explain how this relates to the alt-right and its false choice between polygamy versus feminist matriarchy.

At the core of the manosphere movement lies the belief in a differentiation between the alpha male and the beta male. The former is defined as a man who beds many women, a player and a Casanova, very much like a modern version of a macho man. The latter is described as a “weaker” man who has trouble with women and does not know how to apply “game theory” to have sex with more women. Game theory is the main theory propagated by the manosphere, which holds that men can use a set of facial and bodily expressions, social behavior and psychological warfare to get women to spread their legs for them. For the manosphere man the ultimate goal is to reach alpha male status by having as much sexual contact as possible with as many women as possible. This belief is even elevated to the end goal of life, and favored over things like procreating or leading a life that is honorable to the community. In fact, many men in the manosphere react to the community as a whole, stating that marriage and societal norms surrounding sexuality are made by “beta males” to keep their sexual prowess down.

“Womanliness and manliness will be judged according to one’s expertise in sex”Bhagavata Purana, on the morality of the peoples of the Kali Yuga

The degree of self-worth which the “red-pilled” manosphere man ascribes to himself is directly related to his “alphaness”, which is related to the amount of women he has sex with. Thus, life become a hasty struggle to have sexual contact with or game every woman one meets, and preferably with the hottest and youngest ones. Many men also entertain contact with many women at once. This process is called “plate spinning”, where a man has multiple “friends with benefits” in order to practice “dread game”, where he scares women into giving him sexual favors, afraid that he will choose another of his harem over her.

All of this game talk in the manosphere has recently been put into a different light, namely that of culture war. Many men who read the manosphere blogs and websites tend towards the alt-right, and thus it is only logical for men like Roosh V to start making articles about culture war and societal problems that the manosphere and the alt-right have in common. One could say that the pick-up artists are shifting their sights to the large groups of young alt-right men who have trouble finding a traditional woman. The manosphere now produced material which combines alt-right and PUA perspectives into one, offering men the method of game to find a marriageable woman.

Despite their claims that the manosphere is helping men “prepare for a relationship with a traditional woman”, it is in fact quite clear what this “movement” entails. It entails polygamy pure and simple, and not for those who are most noble of breed. The manosphere promotes a way of achieving polygamy via “methods” and “programs” and machismo culture. Just like in hookup culture, sex is degraded to something of high value, and the material is praised as the highest good. The “masculine right” as the manosphere likes to call itself is in fact not masculine at all, it is merely masculine in the purely physical sense. The amount of sex one has with large amounts of women does not all determine a man’s worth, it is a perversion of his noble character aimed at a false masculinity of rolling muscles and sexual vice. In fact, it would be quite correct to call an alpha male a telluric force, since his self-worth is defined by a measure of numerological character, and not by his character ( Self ) in itself. The professional player feeds the sensual part and material part of his soul, and not the immaterial and glorious part, which should steer the horses of spirit and vice on a straight path. This sensual breed of man is not traditional at all, instead it would be kicked out of any traditional society.

Now that we have confirmed that polygamy is indeed the ultimate goal of the manosphere movement, we can also determine its ideological roots. Polygamy is namely the polar opposite of polyandry, which is promoted by feminism, as it strives to make women into men and to make men into weak servile slaves of the female. Because men see feminism as degrading and inherently destructive, they have no other choice but to turn to the manosphere, which also promotes a view of sexuality that will finally destroy all forms of civilization. Why ? because both polyandry and polygamy are not inherent in the Indo-European race. We only find such sexual sentiments in other races, like the Indo-Iranian one or the Chinese one. Who, besides this, are both incapable of building a lasting civilization. Polyandry would see us return to the whimsical and sentimental utterings of so-called “independent women” who rule society. A good example of what happens in a polyandric matriarchy is Africa, where women collect food and the men roam around and cause trouble. We have all seen how far the civilization of the negro has come over many hundreds of thousands of years: mud huts and eating the dung of cows out of their ass. Polygamic society on the other hand would see us return to a tribal society of eternal strife, where the leader of the pack procures all the women for himself, but is killed by another stronger male in 5 or 10 years after which his offspring is murdered. This provides no stable way of creating offspring for the women and the men, and thus the tribe slowly dies out due to the internal strife that the sexual unavailability of women for most men creates.

The good, strong and healthy society is created by a cooperation of two aspects: the lunar female one and the solar male one. This means that the best society possibly built would be a monogamic society, where the sun and the moon are united in a single family unit as a duality. The unity of man and woman creates offspring, in religion expressed as the so-called Divine Child. In the polyandric society, the lunar element reigns supreme because the females are let loose as guardians of society but they have no male element to reflect on and lead them. Polygamic societies are equally lunar, because a large portion of the males is missing a lunar element to assist and help them in their life, thus resulting in an essentially sex-fueled revolt of the lower classes against the woman-hoarding chief. Also, one man is surrounded by many women, which fills his mind not with the immaterial and holy calling of man but with the material concerns of having to impregnate all of his mates constantly. Because in a polygamic society the children of the former alpha chief are killed every few years, the unity of sun ( man ) and moon ( woman ) creates no offspring ( the divine child ), thus essentially destroying the cycle of regeneration and degeneration.

Yet the alt-right has adopted many polygamic notions of the manosphere for their own good, despite claiming to be in favor of monogamic society. Frequently we hear from prominent alt-right intellectuals the term “white sharia”, which was coined by Sacco Vandal, an American white nationalist who also jokes about right wing rape squads. White sharia is in essence the adoption of the Muslim model of sharia for western society, and is partially based on an utter and complete misunderstanding of Indo-European view on the relationship between men and women. Many alt-righters assume that the Europeans would have imposed something similarly strict to Muslim sharia law on their women in the earlier days, but this is merely a projection of their insecure mind. It seems that the alt-right is fundamentally afraid of other men taking away their women, perhaps out of a position of fear, and thus they call for strict laws on the regulation of female behavior. Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer even wants to implement similar laws on female behavior like in Athens, completely forgetting that Athens was one of the most decadent mixed cities of Ancient Greece. Strictly regulating the behavior of women is a sign of insecurity on the side of the man if anything, and always practiced by men of mixed racial stock. This is especially evident when it comes to Musslims, who are extremely afraid of anything that might happen to their women and thus hide them completely from all outside contact.

A good example of the alt-right’s actual views on polygamy is the self-professed libertarian Augustus Invictus, speaker at many alt-right events, including one where Richard Spencer was present. Augustus has openly stated that he has had relations with multiple women at the same time because of his “paganism”. Although he is currently monogamic, it is astounding that a movement in favor of traditional family values allows such a man to speak at their events, especially since according to Augustus his politics is also informed by his formerly non-monogamic “paganism”.

The hypocrisy especially comes to light when one examines the alt-right’s unequal treatment of men and women when it comes to the amount of bed partners or lack there of. It is strange to hear a fascist complain about inequality, but we believe in equality among equals. That is: the equals in struggle still differ radically from each other when it comes to character but they are morally equal because they are all part of the “inner circle”, what the Spartans would call the circle of Homoioi. Women are also part of this circle and thus must be judged on the same standards of beauty, health, strength and struggle as man are judged. It is natural for a man to want to bed many women and it is natural for a woman to want to have offspring with the best mate she can get. Because the alt-right is primarily a male movement it attaches much less importance to a male having had many bed partners than a female who has had more than one sexual encounter. In fact, many alt-righters suffer from severe double standards in this field, where they desire virgin wives, yet respect “alpha males” like Trump who brag about having had many beautiful women. These two things are fundamentally incompatible with one another: one cannot put emphasis on a form of masculinity defined by how “alpha” a man is, and on the other hand complain about women not being pure virgins when she is to be wedded to a man.

As fascists, we are concerned with a fair judgement for all those of our kin. The hugely unfair judgement many alt-right figures place on women as described above is completely out of line with the pseudo-modernist red-pill-hedonist sexual morality they themselves wield. The solution is for alt-right men to lay off the pernicious influences of the polygamic manosphere culture and instead to become a man who is not just physically whole, but more importantly also complete on the spiritual level. As long as the reign of quantity sits upon the throne of society, the sexual morality of the people will not and cannot change, meaning that as long as men derive their societal worth from the quantity of sex they have, the world will not change. The world will change when men start paying attention to the quality of sex, and move their aim from meeting as many women as possible via “game” to meeting women who understand the fundamental meaning of struggle. Le Bon claimed that heroism is attained via everyday virtues, thus let us attain virtuous women by virtue of our virtues.

Finally I would like to remind the reader that fascism has and will always be an immaterial movement. This makes us so hard to define for our enemies, who can only think in terms of materialism and the economic factor. The third position does not concern itself with things that are profoundly of this world, instead it looks to the other side of the waters, where the statues of their Olympian Gods and ancestors stand. The waters are the material powers of this world, sex, money and power, which are to be overcome by the struggle for Truth and the release of all worldly vices. As it is now, the alt-right wades the waters but is slowly drowning by the temptation of delusive sexual forces whirling around the body. If it chooses to pursue the path of the machismo manosphere, the false path of fake masculinity defined by the physical and social factor, it will inevitably drown. Unless someone drastically reforms the movement it will remain an outlet for the sexual anger of young men via vice. It is up to us fascists to lead the way, if the ear of listening is open to the mouth of wisdom. For we know that the way though is the way of the Echipa Mortii, the death squad which is not ensnared in the web of subterranean forces but which combats the worldly powers. Daily.

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  1. Great podcast and article. You are very intelligent and I agree wholeheartedly. I left the Alt Right for similar reasons. Please continue to produce intellectual content!

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