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The Confused Sexuality of the Alt-Right

Today I want to talk about the hypocrisy of how the alt-right and modern nationalist males view nudity, the human body, and more specifically the female form. I feel this is a good addition to the previous article featured here, written by my brother in arms Erfwachter.

I myself, as a female, am often faced with the glaring stupidity of a lot of males in the alt-right, nationalist or traditionalist movements. These brainless thugs spend their days working out their muscles at the gym, posting progress shots of their bodies on their social media accounts, masturbating to internet pornography, discussing with their friends how they practice their ‘game’ and sexual skills on ‘thots’ and then having the audacity to turn around and claim they want to find a girl who is modest and doesn’t show any skin (on social media or elsewhere).… [Click for full article]

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Fascist critique of the Alt-Right: Women

Brothers and sisters, my comrades in struggle. In this article, which will be the first of a series of many articles, each dealing with a different topic, we will criticize the so-called alt-right movement from a fascist perspective. With “fascist perspective” I mean the perspective of myself, a fascist since two-and-a-half years and also a long time “member” of the alt-right community, which I have recently “left” although I was never a part of it in later consideration.… [Click for full article]